PubJudge.com is a community based website, owned and operated by The Gremlins Umbrella Authority.
GUA own and operate a number of user orientated, social websites. We are not associated with any pub chains, breweries, or evil large corporations. We pride ourselves on our independence - it's one of our unique selling points :)

Pub Judge as a concept was originally thought up many moons ago. It went through a lengthy development process and through many different iterations prior to its public release on January 1st 2013. It is surprisingly difficult to balance simplicity and usefulness in a resource like this.

The intention of this site is to provide an honest, non-biased insight into pubs around the United Kingdom and Ireland. We intend to achieve this by allowing you, the public, to publish your views and opinions. Through this we aim to establish a database of the best pubs in the country, and help you - our users - to answer questions such as "Which country pub in Shropshire has the best atmosphere".

Via our detailed review and reputation systems, you can give us your input on the best, and worst pubs in Britain. You can develop your profile and earn an ego boost as you climb our top users board.

We hope that the tools that we have developed will incentivize the development of a unique online resource of pub based information. We hope that in the future we can reward you for your contributions by offering a rewards for reputation system. We will keep you posted !

This area will be filled with useful information and tips as you navigate the site.
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